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When you want solutions, you need an expert on your side. We have associates working just for our trucking clients. This guarantees that your dedicated transportation team is exceptionally knowledgeable and understands the vital aspects of your business. we offer a broad suite of products and carriers and use our experience to help you choose the right option for your specific needs.

The significant volume that we place with insurance carriers in the transportation industry provides us considerable market availability.

We also have access to nearly all insurance markets across the U.S. that write insurance for transportation risks, providing you the best transportation risk alternatives in the market.

Our transportation sales team is driven by a competitive spirit, pushing us to explore new boundaries, implementing, call centers for the direct support of your Contract Driver Benefits Relations. Independent contractors are a vital part of your business; we work hard to make certain that you are doing your part to help keep them that way. We specialize in transportation because we are passionate about the trucking industry. We understand how vital the transportation industry is to the U.S. economy.

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